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Many people do not know the proper usage for the term Bi Curious. Bi Curious people are those who have had little or no sexual experience with the same gender yet identify themselves as a homosexual or heterosexual identity. They basically are toying around in their identity until they can confirm that they are either bi sexual or homosexual or to remain heterosexual.

Bi Curious people have the freedom to choose what they really want to be with their sexual identity. They can experiment and enjoy the thrill and pleasures from both ends of the sexual spectrum until they are decided on what their sexual identity is. It may be a onetime thing or an exploratory method to find out more about how to progress their inner sexual identity.

Once a Bi Curious individual comes into sexual relationships, then they are either considered a Bi Sexual, homosexual or heterosexual depending on their decision. By keeping themselves open to both genders and their sexual practices means that they are Bi Sexual in nature after being Bi Curious. Strictly staying to same sex sexual experiences means that they are homosexuals and strictly staying to opposite sex sexual encounters makes them a heterosexual. This can truly help in defining a person and their sexuality.

Being Bi Curious is not a bad thing, but many true homosexuals see it as a way to “cheat the system” You have freedom to choose and some homosexuals see Bi Curious individuals as making themselves seem more appealing to the opposite gender simply by having a dual sexual direction. Many people use being Bi Curious to get a reaction from parents, family and friends or to simply make a statement against the norms of society. True Bi Curious individuals will make their identity hidden until they are truly ready to explore it sexually.

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What Happens When You Are Not Bi Curious Anymore

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People who are bi curious are the ones who are thinking of experimenting with their sexuality. In conclusion, they are curious about trying various types of relations, meaning that, if they are heterosexuals, they may be interested in people of the same sex now. Finding out what is your true sexual inclination can only be done by experimenting, but many people wonder what will happen with them afterwards. The answer is simple: if you found out that you are heterosexual, nothing is changed; if you discover you are a homosexual or a lesbian, then you should think about coming out.

Coming out is one of the most dreaded moments in the life of a person who used to be bi curious and has now discovered that they are homosexual or lesbian. In order to make this transition in the perfect way, you have to consider a few aspects, that should not turn your decision, but should help you take it easier.

Being comfortable with the decision you have made and with its implications is very important. This does not mean that you should be embarrassed about anything, but actually that once you become open about your sexuality, you have to be ready to answer some questions. Some people may not say anything about it, others may shower you with their own opinions and questions and there are the ones who will make fun of you… regardless of these, it is important for you to be able to stand your ground! 


Are you going to tell everyone is the next thing you should ponder upon. At some point, everyone will find out, but you have to tell the people who are closest to you and whom you care about, as your family and friends. For those who come out, families and friends should be very supportive, as this is a transition that can be affected by the littlest of things. Therefore, think of all the people you want to tell and about how they may react. If you have friends or family members with an old fashioned mentality, you may not come across the support you were expecting, but you have to find a way to turn their opinion or at least to make them understand your decision.

Patience combined with the right moment will bring perfect results. Do not spring this news on your parents as soon as you enter the house door, for example! Wait for them to have time to talk to you about this subject and to be in a state of mind that is not distracted by any other mundane issue. If you still live with your parents and are financially dependent on them, you have to consider the implications of what you are about to tell them. There is nothing wrong with coming out! However, some parents, with a more traditional mentality, may not be able to accept what you are about to tell them! In this situation, it is best to find a way to tell them without upsetting them.

The most important thing that you have to consider before you take any type of action is if you are absolutely sure that you are not still bi curious! If you still feel uncertain in your sexual orientation, then you can be sure of the fact that you are still bi curious and you should not come out. On the other hand, if things are pretty obvious and you are comfortable with your decision in connection to your sexuality, then coming out is the next step for you.

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How To Handle Being Bi Curious

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Being Bi Curious is the stage in which a person has trouble deciding whether they like the opposite sex, the same sex or both. It is a transition period in which numerous emotions and feelings may come over you and you have to find the best way to cope with them and to get to the bottom of what your sexual orientation really is! However, you should have a ready set state of mind, due to the fact that getting out of the Bi Curious stage actually means that you have to try out relations with people of the same sex and of the opposite sex. 


For some, it may be hard to admit that they have homosexual inclinations and that is why you have to try and accept the fact that you may have these feelings. If you do not do as such, you may remain wondering for the rest of your life. Accepting your curiosity will lead to you having a spirited and calm view on the situation. More to this, if you come to embrace the process, you will realize how much easier it is for you to explain to people that you are simply curious and that you are not sure of your feelings yet.

Therefore, make sure to think clearly of your situation and to embrace the fact that you are Bi Curious. You should also think about the people you come into contact with, if you decide to act on your curiosity. It would be best for them to know that you are simply Bi Curious, so that, in the event you do not like the same sex, they will not feel like you have mislead them. Showing respect for others and for their feelings is very important at this point, as you will want the same treatment to be applied to you and to have someone close to you for support in this process.


Bi curiosity ends at some point with the imminent conclusion of your sexual orientation. Even if you are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, you have to know that nothing will change. You are still the person you were before and you have nothing to worry about. More to this, you should feel at peace since you finally found out the answer to a question that may have bothered you for a really long time!

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Things To Know About Bi Curious

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Bi Curious is a term that has reached quite an impressive popularity in the past few years. It describes people who are showing curiosity and interest for people of the same sex, and actually for people of the sex they do not normally favor. These people are not homosexuals or bisexuals. In other words, this person can be a man showing interest in another man, even though he is not homosexual, but it can also be a homosexual man curious about a relationship with a woman. It can happen just with the purpose to experiment sexuality or the interest can simply remain platonic.

These people commonly feel that they have not been able to experiment as much as they wanted with the other sex than the one they are generally attracted to, so they just need to explore some feelings. They are not bisexual and they are definitely not intending to become. They just want to experiment and explore a whole new world. The interest is however a limited one, so bi-curious people are not going to be willing to develop long term relationships with people from the sex they are not normally attracted to. It can just be a period of finding themselves and realizing what they want. However, happiness will never be obtained, unless these feelings are explored. When searching ends, people will be able to decide on what they want. They can start being from this point on bisexual or even homosexual, but heterosexual, as well.

The term of Bi Curious is often applied in the cases in which experimentation is only made till the point of satisfying a certain curiosity or desire. The desire will end the moment when this urge will be satisfied. In case the person is not able to find out what she really wants, but is not a bisexual either, medical help can be asked. Actually, psychological support can help these people find out what they want in life. Anyway you should not imagine that being curious about the other sex is actually something abnormal. According to specialists, everyone can develop such a curiosity, just that in some cases its degree is highly increased compared to others. Either way, understanding who you are and want you want is the most important thing you will need to keep in mind, no matter how much time you will spend on the search.

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The Main Features Of Bi Curious People

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It may last a while until we get to know ourselves better, even though it may be related to our sexual  orientation. Someone who is bi curious means that she or he is also attracted by a person of the same sex, but without having a sexual intercourse. Until a person figures out which are her preferences, it may pass a long time. Nonetheless, although someone is attracted by other sex than has been until now, it doesn’t have to take place an intimate contact, but it’s just a preference or a thought. In other words, this term refers to the narrow path between bisexuality and homosexuality and has started to become more and more popular in many countries. The phenomenon is very interesting and has begun to be researched by sociologists and psychologists.

This term also refers to several experiments that someone does until realises what she or he wants. This process may take a while, but that person will find out which are his or her sexual preferences. Studies have shown that many people are in this situation as they would like to try new things and figure out what they really want. Nevertheless, these people are not perceived very well by others, but there are also people who are more open-minded and understand those who want to find out more about themselves and their identity.

There are many places where those who want to find out if they are bi curious or not can go such as clubs, special cafes, or they can attend various events for homosexual communities or can use online websites. Although it could be awkward at the beginning, people can be bi curious and they have to accept this and start having the life they should. Psychotherapy would be very useful as they will have the possibility to understand better and faster what is happening with them and which are the causes that led to such a sexual behaviour. Briefly, this term means that someone is curious and it may last a long time to see if she or he will take things to the next level. Usually, many  people never do that, but they are only curious and wonder how would it be. In case you can’t get rid of such thoughts, inform yourself more on this topic and will understand what is happening with you.

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What Is Bi Curious

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You may have heard of bi curious, because the term is widely used, but if you have no idea what this means, you should learn that bi curious are those that consider themselves heterosexual or homosexual but they show curiosity for the different gender than the one they are attracted to. They cannot be considered bisexual, because they do not have any experience with a person of the sex they do not favor. As they are only playing with their sexual identities, they are considered to be bi curious. Bi curious is the name given to this sexual orientation, a new type among the more known like heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual and asexual. The term of bi curious is also used to display a more narrow orientation located between homosexuality and bisexuality. The term of bi curious only appeared recently, as more and more people cannot fit a certain category and description, when it comes about their sexuality.

The term of bi curious reveals that a heterosexual person did not have any homosexual experiences and a homosexual person did not have any heterosexual experience, but these are desired. The curiosity is maintained as long as these kind of experiments do not take place. Until the person cannot identify itself as homosexual or bisexual, it is considered to be bi curious. The term of bi curious is perfect to describe a person who is contemplating the idea to try either homosexuality or bisexuality and prepares for such an act.

A person can be bi curious until it experiments what he or she desires. After taking a decision, to which “team” it belongs, the person cannot be considered bi curious anymore. Statistically, there are more women that are bi curious than men. More and more women are curious and willing to try different sexual encounters that man. While heterosexual men are not so open to homosexual affairs, heterosexual women are eager to try having sex with other women. More than half of the women are bi curious and a study carried in the United States of America shows that 60% of the self-declared straight women are bi curious, 45% already kissed another woman and 50% have fantasies with women.

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Bi Curious Couple

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In some cases, when someone decides that they might enjoy seeing what else is out there in terms of other people, they are already in a relationship. This means that they are more likely to repress these thoughts and ideas and to simply stick with what they know and are currently comfortable with. However, with the current sexual revolution that is sweeping the globe, more people are beginning to open up to their partner and have discussions about their feelings. This can lead to one of three things: a breakup, a separation (to allow the person to explore), or increasingly, a mutual exploration.

When a couple decides to explore together, there are many different ways that people go about it. There are swingers clubs devoted to this type of exploration, but these may not be the answer for everyone. In many cases, there will be double dates or even just private get togethers where all parties have a chance to meet and get to know each other. Both people who are already in a relationship don’t have to be bi curious, but it does help to alleviate any hard feelings that may occur if only one party engages in indulging their interests.

In many cases, couples will want to meet other couples who are interested in exploring this side of their sexuality to help relieve the tension between each other and also the other party/parties. To do this there are a number of websites that will be helpful in the search. is a place where you can meet new people who are either decidedly bi sexual or even just bi curious. is another great place to meet people if you’re not ready to go out into the world and risk the ridicule. However, the best answer is probably the local nightclub as you won’t have to weed out the weirdo’s just by talking to them through an email.

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Bi Curious Guy

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So, you find yourself having sexual fantasies about men and now you are questioning if you are a bi curious guy, bisexual, or altogether gay. Maybe you’ve gotten caught up in watching a sensual movie and have discovered you pay more attention to the men in the scene than to the women. Or Maybe you get aroused when you see other naked men in your local gym or locker room. Regardless of the way you’ve uncovered these hidden feelings, the one thing that’s apparent is your desire for men. And now you want to know what these feelings mean.

If you are confused, overwhelmed, or insecure, calling yourself a bi curious guy could be downright frightening. But here’s the honest truth, the only person who can answer the question about your sexuality is you. No one can choose or decide for you. Wondering about these feelings and where they come from is a natural part of the process. You are moving toward understanding who you want, what your needs are, how you want to live your life.

Don’t draw conclusions too fast. Especially is you are married or in a committed relationship. Remember, you are in complete and total control of your life. Deal with these feelings in your own time and in the best way possible. Being a bi curious guy means just that, curiosity. You may or may not be ready to take things to the next level. In fact, you may never be ready to take things to the next level. Just protect yourself and be mindful of the well being of your significant other.

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Bi Curious Quiz

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Here’s your chance to find out if you are bi-curious. But first a word of introduction: A person who feels as though they are bi-curious is caught between experiencing behaviors or identifying with both heterosexual and homosexual sexual orientations. Typically this phrase is used to describe someone who has had an up close and personal relationship with someone of the opposition but on the same hand, is curious about what it would be like to have a relationship with a person of the same sex.

If you have ever had thoughts or desires about being with a person who is of the same sex as you are and were unclear of what that meant, this article is just for you. Online you’ll find one bi curios quiz after another that’s designed to help you understand your feelings. The vast majority of quizzes are simple multiple choice questions that really make you dig down deep. They’ll force you to take a look inside yourself. There’s no right or wrong answers.

You’ll simply learn more about your sexuality and possibly uncover some hidden truths you weren’t aware of. You’ll come across a question that asks if you’ve ever kissed a person of the same sex. Another may ask how you would react to someone of the same sex changing clothes in front of you. And some ask how you would respond to dares like kissing someone of the same sex. You see, each is crafted to pull the wool from your eyes. If you answer a bi curious quiz truthfully, you’ll learn a lot about who you are and your personal beliefs.

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Bi Curious Women

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In the last few decades, sexual independence and overt displays by those people who aren’t “straight” have become a part of life. More people are coming to accept the idea that love has nothing to do with what gender you are and simply the personality of the person you’re with. This has shed a light on previously taboo aspects of sexual orientation and has led many people to more openly express their desires and to experiment with same sex relationships as well as more traditional relationships.

The general term for the people who choose to see what both types of relationship has to offer is bi curious. This term implies, by definition, that someone is curious about exploring their own sexuality by engaging in relationships with both sexes.

For some reason, beyond the grasp of many to even attempt to explain, women are more prone to feel the desire to explore these waters. They often times find themselves attracted to the female form at a younger age and are simply taught to repress these feelings and ideas. Nevertheless, through the last few decades it has become more socially acceptable to see a woman in a relationship with other women. This has also led to several support groups being setup to help people through these confusing times.

By doing a simple search online you are likely to come across various forums and newsletters and even in person meet ups for people who are dealing with the same emotions as you. Generally, these people will engage in relationships with one another in an attempt to work out their feelings and see if they are, in fact, bisexual, straight or homosexual. It is important that the friends and family support the actions of these people as they haven’t changed; they are just looking for something that’s missing.

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The Natural Notions of the Bi-Curious

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At some point or another in their lives, many people will experiment sexually. This doesn’t mean that they will experiment with the same sex, but that there will be new things and adventurous ideas that they have to try. However, for some people simply keeping to the norms of societal acceptance is not an option and they often find themselves wondering about how it would be if they were attracted to the same sex.

Most people, many more in fact that won’t admit to it, have had some sort of sexual fantasy or inclination to the same sex and have just suppressed it until the urge has passed. While this may be an effective route for many people who are nearly positive in their sexual identities, there are many more that can’t help but wonder if they were meant for something different. These people, the ones who speculate more than most, are what’s considered bi-curious. The term itself simply means that you are curious about bisexuality. Most often these feelings will pass with nothing more than the person thinking about it for a short while.

If, however, you are more intrigued by the prospect of being intimate with the same gender, there are some precautions that you should take. Obviously the use of condoms or other forms of protection from diseases must be used. On top of the physical protection, one must protect themselves mentally from the attachment that generally comes with being intimate with someone. Another consideration that must be thought about is the judgment of others for your actions. While nobody should be judged for their sexual preferences, most are and in many cases it’s still frowned on for having non-traditional inclinations making discretion a necessary precaution.

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