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To be Bi Curious means that a person has a strong attraction to people of the same gender, but have had almost no sexual experiences with them.

There will always be groups and individuals who claim that any sexuality other than heterosexuality is wrong, sinful or goes against evolution -- it is my personal belief based on a philosophy revolving around the importance of love and communication that in fact, being Bi Curious is the only true perfect form of sexuality.

A person who is Bi Curious can feel a sexual attraction to both men and women, and as such has the ability to form a romantic and, in time, intimate relationship with anybody they so choose, regardless of gender.

This means that as a Bi Curious person you can fall in love with your true romantic counterpart -- something not everyone can do. We are, at the end of the day, not our bodies. Our bodies are shells and vehicles storing our brains -- our gender, or rather that of our “vehicle” is not relevant in terms of love; after all, if the brain of a 5 year old were placed in the head of a 60 year old, the person would still be 5 years old.

It is for this reason that being Bi Curious goes with evolution; we are smart enough to recognize that love between two people goes beyond the ability to procreate -- thus, it is the only sexuality to celebrate the true nature of love and attraction based on a deeper and more intelligent level than purely sexual.

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Bi Curious – online information and helpful facts

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Many people do not know the proper usage for the term Bi Curious. Bi Curious people are those who have had little or no sexual experience with the same gender yet identify themselves as a homosexual or heterosexual identity. They basically are toying around in their identity until they can confirm that they are either bi sexual or homosexual or to remain heterosexual.

Bi Curious people have the freedom to choose what they really want to be with their sexual identity. They can experiment and enjoy the thrill and pleasures from both ends of the sexual spectrum until they are decided on what their sexual identity is. It may be a onetime thing or an exploratory method to find out more about how to progress their inner sexual identity.

Once a Bi Curious individual comes into sexual relationships, then they are either considered a Bi Sexual, homosexual or heterosexual depending on their decision. By keeping themselves open to both genders and their sexual practices means that they are Bi Sexual in nature after being Bi Curious. Strictly staying to same sex sexual experiences means that they are homosexuals and strictly staying to opposite sex sexual encounters makes them a heterosexual. This can truly help in defining a person and their sexuality.

Being Bi Curious is not a bad thing, but many true homosexuals see it as a way to “cheat the system” You have freedom to choose and some homosexuals see Bi Curious individuals as making themselves seem more appealing to the opposite gender simply by having a dual sexual direction. Many people use being Bi Curious to get a reaction from parents, family and friends or to simply make a statement against the norms of society. True Bi Curious individuals will make their identity hidden until they are truly ready to explore it sexually.

Bang Matures offers an incredible opportunity to rediscover love and companionship.

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