How to Safely Investigate Being Bi-Curious

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Those that are bi-curious are usually interested in experimenting in the bisexual lifestyle and want to find people who share common interests and would like to experiment with them. Unfortunately, it’s a sad part of life that people aren’t always accepted for just being who they are in our society, and that others often make judgments. What’s even sadder than this is that many people that are being judged care about those judgments and let them stop them from truly living their happiest life. This is why, for those that are bi-curious, online is one of the safest places to be!

It just seems natural that those who are bi-curious would like more information on what it means to be bisexual. It’s right there in the name, after all! Going online and finding bi-curious resources and dating websites is a great way to get this information anonymously. You can just hop onto a website, get the info you need, meet the people you want, and be on your way. No one has to know who you are if you don’t want them to, and you can still find out everything that you need to know!

Shy Bi is a great website that connects bi-curious people with others, as is Pink Classifieds. There are also other websites such as the Bi-Curious Straight Girl, which is a blog where a bi-curious straight girl talks about her experiences, and is ready to assure anyone that they are not alone!

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