Bi Curious Women

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In the last few decades, sexual independence and overt displays by those people who aren’t “straight” have become a part of life. More people are coming to accept the idea that love has nothing to do with what gender you are and simply the personality of the person you’re with. This has shed a light on previously taboo aspects of sexual orientation and has led many people to more openly express their desires and to experiment with same sex relationships as well as more traditional relationships.

The general term for the people who choose to see what both types of relationship has to offer is bi curious. This term implies, by definition, that someone is curious about exploring their own sexuality by engaging in relationships with both sexes.

For some reason, beyond the grasp of many to even attempt to explain, women are more prone to feel the desire to explore these waters. They often times find themselves attracted to the female form at a younger age and are simply taught to repress these feelings and ideas. Nevertheless, through the last few decades it has become more socially acceptable to see a woman in a relationship with other women. This has also led to several support groups being setup to help people through these confusing times.

By doing a simple search online you are likely to come across various forums and newsletters and even in person meet ups for people who are dealing with the same emotions as you. Generally, these people will engage in relationships with one another in an attempt to work out their feelings and see if they are, in fact, bisexual, straight or homosexual. It is important that the friends and family support the actions of these people as they haven’t changed; they are just looking for something that’s missing.

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