Bi Curious Couple

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In some cases, when someone decides that they might enjoy seeing what else is out there in terms of other people, they are already in a relationship. This means that they are more likely to repress these thoughts and ideas and to simply stick with what they know and are currently comfortable with. However, with the current sexual revolution that is sweeping the globe, more people are beginning to open up to their partner and have discussions about their feelings. This can lead to one of three things: a breakup, a separation (to allow the person to explore), or increasingly, a mutual exploration.

When a couple decides to explore together, there are many different ways that people go about it. There are swingers clubs devoted to this type of exploration, but these may not be the answer for everyone. In many cases, there will be double dates or even just private get togethers where all parties have a chance to meet and get to know each other. Both people who are already in a relationship don’t have to be bi curious, but it does help to alleviate any hard feelings that may occur if only one party engages in indulging their interests.

In many cases, couples will want to meet other couples who are interested in exploring this side of their sexuality to help relieve the tension between each other and also the other party/parties. To do this there are a number of websites that will be helpful in the search. is a place where you can meet new people who are either decidedly bi sexual or even just bi curious. is another great place to meet people if you’re not ready to go out into the world and risk the ridicule. However, the best answer is probably the local nightclub as you won’t have to weed out the weirdo’s just by talking to them through an email.

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