The Natural Notions of the Bi-Curious

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At some point or another in their lives, many people will experiment sexually. This doesn’t mean that they will experiment with the same sex, but that there will be new things and adventurous ideas that they have to try. However, for some people simply keeping to the norms of societal acceptance is not an option and they often find themselves wondering about how it would be if they were attracted to the same sex.

Most people, many more in fact that won’t admit to it, have had some sort of sexual fantasy or inclination to the same sex and have just suppressed it until the urge has passed. While this may be an effective route for many people who are nearly positive in their sexual identities, there are many more that can’t help but wonder if they were meant for something different. These people, the ones who speculate more than most, are what’s considered bi-curious. The term itself simply means that you are curious about bisexuality. Most often these feelings will pass with nothing more than the person thinking about it for a short while.

If, however, you are more intrigued by the prospect of being intimate with the same gender, there are some precautions that you should take. Obviously the use of condoms or other forms of protection from diseases must be used. On top of the physical protection, one must protect themselves mentally from the attachment that generally comes with being intimate with someone. Another consideration that must be thought about is the judgment of others for your actions. While nobody should be judged for their sexual preferences, most are and in many cases it’s still frowned on for having non-traditional inclinations making discretion a necessary precaution.

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