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Here’s your chance to find out if you are bi-curious. But first a word of introduction: A person who feels as though they are bi-curious is caught between experiencing behaviors or identifying with both heterosexual and homosexual sexual orientations. Typically this phrase is used to describe someone who has had an up close and personal relationship with someone of the opposition but on the same hand, is curious about what it would be like to have a relationship with a person of the same sex.

If you have ever had thoughts or desires about being with a person who is of the same sex as you are and were unclear of what that meant, this article is just for you. Online you’ll find one bi curios quiz after another that’s designed to help you understand your feelings. The vast majority of quizzes are simple multiple choice questions that really make you dig down deep. They’ll force you to take a look inside yourself. There’s no right or wrong answers.

You’ll simply learn more about your sexuality and possibly uncover some hidden truths you weren’t aware of. You’ll come across a question that asks if you’ve ever kissed a person of the same sex. Another may ask how you would react to someone of the same sex changing clothes in front of you. And some ask how you would respond to dares like kissing someone of the same sex. You see, each is crafted to pull the wool from your eyes. If you answer a bi curious quiz truthfully, you’ll learn a lot about who you are and your personal beliefs.

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