What Is Bi Curious

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You may have heard of bi curious, because the term is widely used, but if you have no idea what this means, you should learn that bi curious are those that consider themselves heterosexual or homosexual but they show curiosity for the different gender than the one they are attracted to. They cannot be considered bisexual, because they do not have any experience with a person of the sex they do not favor. As they are only playing with their sexual identities, they are considered to be bi curious. Bi curious is the name given to this sexual orientation, a new type among the more known like heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual and asexual. The term of bi curious is also used to display a more narrow orientation located between homosexuality and bisexuality. The term of bi curious only appeared recently, as more and more people cannot fit a certain category and description, when it comes about their sexuality.

The term of bi curious reveals that a heterosexual person did not have any homosexual experiences and a homosexual person did not have any heterosexual experience, but these are desired. The curiosity is maintained as long as these kind of experiments do not take place. Until the person cannot identify itself as homosexual or bisexual, it is considered to be bi curious. The term of bi curious is perfect to describe a person who is contemplating the idea to try either homosexuality or bisexuality and prepares for such an act.

A person can be bi curious until it experiments what he or she desires. After taking a decision, to which “team” it belongs, the person cannot be considered bi curious anymore. Statistically, there are more women that are bi curious than men. More and more women are curious and willing to try different sexual encounters that man. While heterosexual men are not so open to homosexual affairs, heterosexual women are eager to try having sex with other women. More than half of the women are bi curious and a study carried in the United States of America shows that 60% of the self-declared straight women are bi curious, 45% already kissed another woman and 50% have fantasies with women.

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