How To Handle Being Bi Curious

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Being Bi Curious is the stage in which a person has trouble deciding whether they like the opposite sex, the same sex or both. It is a transition period in which numerous emotions and feelings may come over you and you have to find the best way to cope with them and to get to the bottom of what your sexual orientation really is! However, you should have a ready set state of mind, due to the fact that getting out of the Bi Curious stage actually means that you have to try out relations with people of the same sex and of the opposite sex. 


For some, it may be hard to admit that they have homosexual inclinations and that is why you have to try and accept the fact that you may have these feelings. If you do not do as such, you may remain wondering for the rest of your life. Accepting your curiosity will lead to you having a spirited and calm view on the situation. More to this, if you come to embrace the process, you will realize how much easier it is for you to explain to people that you are simply curious and that you are not sure of your feelings yet.

Therefore, make sure to think clearly of your situation and to embrace the fact that you are Bi Curious. You should also think about the people you come into contact with, if you decide to act on your curiosity. It would be best for them to know that you are simply Bi Curious, so that, in the event you do not like the same sex, they will not feel like you have mislead them. Showing respect for others and for their feelings is very important at this point, as you will want the same treatment to be applied to you and to have someone close to you for support in this process.


Bi curiosity ends at some point with the imminent conclusion of your sexual orientation. Even if you are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, you have to know that nothing will change. You are still the person you were before and you have nothing to worry about. More to this, you should feel at peace since you finally found out the answer to a question that may have bothered you for a really long time!

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